An Evening At Cafe YOLO.

Indore is blessed with many mind-boggling cafes and of course more to come in near future. One such cafe in the city is Cafe YOLO which is located opposite to Prestige Institute of Management and Research. They have proper sitting area and one can have a nice chit-chat with their loved ones and friends.


This place serves variety of options in their menu. You will find first 3-4 pages for the drinks. And then you will have unlimited options to eat from Sandwiches to different variety of French Fries to South Indian to Italian to Chinese and many more. The pricing is way less than the quantity and quality they serve. Do give it a try.

  1. CHEESE ME, PLEASE ME! Price: 100/-IMG-2295
  2. Veg Manchurian. Price: 180/-IMG-2294
  3. Pav Bhaji. Price: 100/-IMG-2287
  4. Cheesy Spaghetti. Price: 120/-IMG-2296
  5. Fries which I got for trial. Price: 99/-IMG-2285IMG-2284
  6. Cafe Frappe. Price: 100/-IMG-2365
  7. Sizzling Brownie.IMG-2288

    Keep eating and getting fatty. Much love.




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