Dil Vich BALLE BALLE Je Peat Vich BALLE BALLE At Oye Pappe.

Oye Pappe servers authentic Punjabi food. They have 2 outlets in our city. One is situated at Chappan And another one at Bhawarkuan. They have converted different cuisine’s dishes with a touch of Punjabi flavour in it and it all tastes amazing.


The place offers this delicious PANEER PAV which comes in two sizes. I had the Big Paneer pav, which comes with 3 pieces in it. It is a twist of paneer sandwich with Punjabi flavours. Do give this one a try.

BIG PANEER PAV. Price: 130/-

They serve Authentic Punjabi Chole Kulche. Kulcha’s here are made in tandoor with onion filling in it. Do try.


CHOLE KULCHE. Price: 120/-


Ever had Pasta with Punjabi Twist? Yes, here they serve Pasta with Punjabi Twist in it.



Price of Punjabi has now increased but they haven’t changed it in the menu. Do ask for the price before ordering. Old Price: 80/-


Keep eating and getting Fatty. Much LOVE.


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