Burst Of Flavours At Sarafa.

Sarafa is not less than HEAVEN  for INDORI’S.

We have got everything at SARAFA. Starting from the famous Bhute Ka Kees. It is basically corns grinded and steamed with spices for many hours which enhances the flavour and makes it delectable.

Bhute Ka Kees.  PRICE: 40/-

Nothing compares to the spicy, hot and tangy Paneer Tikka roasted on coal with lots of butter with cheese on top of it, served with green chutney.

Paneer Tikka.  PRICE: 100/-


You can make any meal into a Sandwich and any Sandwich into a meal because that’s what Sandwiches are for, to make your day better.

Masala Sandwich is a very basic onion and potato based Sandwich, but when you’re having this in Sarafa you will definitely have a burst of flavours even in this Sandwich.

Masala Sandwich.  PRICE: 35/-


At this place, they also serve special Ghee-Taari Sandwich for the ones who love Buttery Sandwich. Sandwiches are always good with lots of cheese and spicy chutney.

Cheese Chutney Sandwich.  PRICE: 50/-


Skinny people are easier to kidnap. Stay Safe, Eat Pizza. They make pizza on a brown bread base. They have variety in their menu, and also serve Pasta, Maggi and much more.

Cheesy Corn Pizza.  PRICE: 120/-

One of Indore’s famous spicy and chatpatta snack is Garadu Chaat. It is made out of a vegetable known as Yam. They are boiled and then fried, and lots of masala and lemon is added to it.

Garadu Chaat.


Sarafa is also famous for the variety of Sweets it offers.

This is a Bigger Version of Jalebi known as Jaleba. Price differs according to the weight.

Jaleba. PRICE: 140/-


Gulab Jamun. PRICE: 30/- (5 Pcs)


Malpua, Falooda, Kalakand, Rabri, Baraf Ka Gola and many more food items which Sarafa offers.

Keep Eating and Getting Fatty. Much LOVE.

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