Good Times At Mangosteen Cafe.

Mangosteen Cafe is situated at New Palasia in Indore. It is a Roof-Top Cafe where you could have more fun when then weather is pleasant.

Here the sitting arrangements are quite amusing. Whether you are out there with your  group of friends or with your girlfriend/boyfriend they have all types of sitting for you.

How about trying fries in a different style? Fries with Chilli and Garlic flavour in it topped with Sesame Seeds and Spring Onion.

Honey Chilli Potato.  PRICE: 170/-

They serve White Sauce Pasta without the veggies but if you want you can tell them to add veggies in your pasta according to your preference. One of the famous and loved dish of Mangosteen Cafe.

White Sauce Pasta.  PRICE: 300/-

You can know about the place by eating Crispy Corns over there and here at Mangosteen Cafe Crispy Corns taste heavenly.

Crispy Corns.  PRICE: 180/-

Mexican Bullet are basically filling of paneer and vegetables in fried base served with chilli garlic sauce and mayonnaise. Amazing taste. Do try.

Mexican Bullets.  PRICE: 240/-

Filling of veggies and cheese in the middle of two round disk bread. Tasted good.

Cheese Nest.  PRICE: 280/-

Soft and Cheesy bread with good flavour of garlic in it. Do try it with White Sauce Pasta.

Cheese Garlic Bread. PRICE: 100/-

Drinks were very refreshing and chilled.

From Left to Right: Mojito PRICE: 170/- ; Lemon Iced Tea PRICE: 80/- ; Strawberry Basil Mojito PRICE: 220/-
Fruit Punch.  PRICE: 170/-

And lets end with some mind-blowing dessert.

Waffles with Maple Syrup.  PRICE: 150/-

Keep Eating And Getting Fatty. Much LOVE.❤️


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